I'm sure you can figure out from the photo that my happy place is Orlando!  Whether it's Sea World or any of the Disney parks, I'm instantly transformed into a happy human! 

Where is your happy place?  I'm sure Mark's happy place is anywhere they serve steak and scotch, Don's would be a golf course and Tim Tern's would be a bowling alley.

Lester Leaving?

credit Jarrod Wickerham, Getty Images

What do you think of the likely trade of Jon Lester?

WOKQ Country Fest

Mark and I will see you Saturday at Prescott Park in Portsmouth for the 10th annual WOKQ Country Fest.  It promises to be a great day full of great country music!


Birthday boy Rob Carolan says some sun  and 81.  Mix of clouds and sun in the North Country and 75

Top News Stories

Israeli Strikes Continue
The Israeli military says it's struck 75 sites in Gaza today, including five mosques it claims were being used by Hamas militants. The U.N. aid agency says also hit was a crowded U.N. school sheltering hundreds of Gaza war refugees. Fifteen Palestinians were killed and 90 were wounded.

Police Seek Suspect In Rochester Shooting
Police in Rochester are searching for a suspect they say shot a 19-year-old man in broad daylight. The 19-year-old victim is hospitalized with possible life-threatening injuries in the shooting that took place just before noon on Tuesday.

Amtrak's Downeaster Wrapping Up Difficult Month
Amtrak's Downeaster is wrapping up the worst month for train cancellations since the passenger rail service launched more than a decade ago. The train's on-time performance usually runs around 80 percent but it dipped to about 15 percent in July and ridership has dropped because of delays and cancelations caused by track repairs following a harsh winter.

Stupid News

A priest in Poland says a demon he failed to cast out of a teenage girl has resorted to a most appropriate way of keeping in touch with him:  texting. 

Joke du Jour

Don, did you hear about the man who went to his psychiatrist and complained about feeling inferior because of his height?  The doctor reminded the short fellow about great men in history, such as Napoleon who who were not the tallest of men.  After the talk, the patient felt much better and everything would have been great had it not been for the cat that ate him as soon as he walked out of the doctor's office.

Coming Up Thursday

We'll 'count the customers' at local Market Basket grocery stores, as Tim Tern ventures outside Studio Big!  Plus, we'll give away a pair of tickets to see The Band Perry at the Bank of NH Pavilion at Meadowbrook this Sunday night!

credit Getty Images Ethan Miller

It will be here before you know it.  Spirit-medium Maureen Hancock will hold an event in Portsmouth on August 9th.