What made stores open on the Thanksgiving holiday?  Why are retailers more in your face this year than ever before? What the heck is "Thanksgivukkah"?  

These are all good questions, so let's take them one at a time. First, why open on Turkey Day and what's the big deal?  Because Thanksgiving happened pretty late on the calendar this year, it leaves a scant 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Bottom line is retailers have less time to get you to visit their stores so the competition has ramped up this year.  What's "Thanksgivukkah" all about?  In a rare date convergance, the first day of Hannukkah falls during Thanksgiving.  How rare is this?  Won't happen again for about 70,000 years so it won't be a thing again in our lifetimes.  While shopping this weekend, don't forget to visit with me at Blue Ocean Music Hall Saturday from 1-3 PM for the Sea Festival of Trees. Also, don't forget that it's also Small Business Saturday.  New Hampshire and New England have some wonderful downtowns that continue to thrive and you should put one or two of them on your list for this weekend.  Then... prepare for Cyber Monday!!!