It's time once again for WOKQ's Trivia Tuesday!  This week, our trivia question involves our News Director, Don Briand.As you can see from the picture, Don usually adorns his face with a mustache.

Do you know the only time of year the seasoned news guru shaves his stache?  (scroll down for answer)


Clouds with some sun and scattered showers or thunderstorms with a high of 82. Chance of showers and thunderstorms for the North Country and 80.

Top News Stories

38 Dead In Afghan Blast
An explosion near a mosque and a market today in eastern Afghanistan has killed at least 38 people. An Afghan official says the blast caused by a suicide car bomber wounded more than 50 people. All the victims were civilians and there's been no immediate claim of responsibility.

Bush Supports Brown
Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has thrown his support behind Republican Scott Brown in the New Hampshire Senate race. Brown faces a primary to take on first-term incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. Bush is a possible contender for the GOP's 2016 nomination for president.

Man Falls To Death While Hiking
The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department says an experience rock cliimber preparing to descend from a cliff in North Conway fell some 65 feet and died of his injuries. Officers say 56-year-old Brian Delaney of Maine was climbing alone on Saturday when he fell.

Stupid News

It's a 'toast post!' 

Joke du Jour

A magician owned a pet rat.  This pet was pretty good except for one thing.  The rat would never eat in his cage. He would take the food and eat all over the house.  The magician finally had enough and worked hard to train the rat to eat his food in his cage. After a long training period, he finally got the rat to break his bad habit.  The magician's friend said, 'hey, that's not that special.  Any magician can 'pull a habit out of a rat!'

Coming Up Wednesday

We'll give you info on the upcoming Greek Festival in Portsmouth. Plus, another pair of tickets to...

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New England Dragway's "Night of Fire."

WOKQ Trivia Tuesday Answer Revealed

The only time of year Don shaves his mustache is July 4th for his annual reading of the Declaration of Independence at Dover City Hall.  Don plays the part of John Adams.