I thought about this and I guess it should be said up front. My comments have nothing to do with anyone being of Asian, or any other descent. Here's why I felt the need to preface my remarks today. As I watched this video of this amazing kid, Bruce Lee came to mind. Yes they are both Asian but that's not why the Kung-Fu Master popped into my head.

If you've ever read about Bruce Lee, you probably came across the story about him being asked to slow down his moves. In real life, with no special effects, Bruce Lee moved so fast that he literally became a blur. In the age before we could pause, rewind or slow down video at will, producers were concerned that viewers wouldn't have a chance to follow the action if Bruce moved at his full speed. Their even larger concern was that he moved so fast the audience might not believe it was real and mistake his actual abilities for cheap special effects.

If I get a yo-yo to go up and down 3 or 4 times I consider it a masterful conquest of epic proportions. Watch this kid in real time and just try to follow his moves. I have to go now, I found an old Duncan Yo-Yo and tried one of this kid's moves. I've managed to wrap the string around my wrist and I believe I've cut off the circulation to my hand.