If you travel the Spaulding Turnpike, heed this warning, you might see some delays during your commute.  

It's not just because Bike Week is in full force...

credit Getty Images Darren McCollester

It's also due to the fact construction blasting is going on between exits 1 and 3 in Newington.  It will affect both the north and southbound lanes for the remainder of the week between the hours of 9am and 3pm.

Consider Yourself Warned...Bunch Is Back

Yup, that's Max and Sydney's Momma!

You know her, you love her, the "Pride of Colebrook" will be back in Studio Big on Thursday and Friday.  Ladies and gents, Megan "BUNCH" Brady will be your guest co-host for the remainder of the week!

Opening Night Of Cirque Du Soleil

The Morning Waking Crew has opening night tickets all this week to see Cirque du Soleil at the Verizon Wireless Arena.


Partly sunny everywhere today with the chance of a shower or thunderstorm and a high of 90...84 in the North Country.

Top News Stories

Trying To Close An Intelligence Gap
The U.S.is intensifying its intelligence collection efforts in Iraq amid a broader spying black hole in the Middle East. The 2011 departure of U.S.troops and the outbreak of civil war in Syria left large swaths of both countries largely off-limits to American operatives. Spy agencies are anxious to close intelligence gaps to support possible action against advancing militants in Iraq.

Reams Resigns
Rockingham County Attorney Jim Reams has resigned amid an investigation into sexual harassment and financial mismanagement. Reams was suspended in November, but returned last month after a judge ruled he couldn't be kept out of office while Attorney General Joseph Foster tried to permanently remove him.

Haddock Catch Limit To Be Discussed Today
The New England Fishery Management Council is set to consider a request today in Portland for an emergency action on the haddock catch limit in theGulf of Maine. The council is being asked to modify the annual catch limit for the 2014 fishing year for Gulf of Maine haddock.

Stupid News

Yesterday, we told you about a bunch of college students that got caught cheating on their final exam.  Today, it's high school students!  It appears a teacher left the answer sheet out on her desk and one student took out his cell phone, took a picture and told two friends and so on and so on...They all got caught and had to retake the exam over summer vacation.

Joke du Jour

The hospital administrator saw a man running from the operating room and said: Sir, why did you run out of the operating room?  The man said, Well, I heard the nurse say don't be so jittery is just an appendectomy...she was talking to the doctor!

Time To Sleep

The Morning Waking Crew Daily will be taking a few days off.  Brandy needs to catch up on her sleep, plus her 'carpaw tunnel syndrome' is acting up.  We'll be back on Monday morning.