With spring right around the corner, this is prime hiking time for those that are willing to battle a little snow or a little mud. There are some incredible trails all across Maine but very few that have a payoff quite like Potato Hill in Temple. At one point in time, that hill was used for more than just a quick hike, it was home to an old lodge and ski lift, the remnants of which are still standing.

Reddit via nuevoguero

Shared on Reddit by nuevoguero, what is left of the former ski area isn't much. It appears there's still a T-bar in place, which is pretty amazing considering the harshness of the winters it's been asked to withstand for years. Following that T-bar line will lead to the dilapidated remains of what appears to be a lodge. The rusted out equipment is a reminder that at one point in time, this was a popular enough place to warrant a lift.

Reddit via nuevoguero

According to AllTrails.com, the Potato Hill trail is rated as moderate, depending on what time of year you visit. Commenters mentioned that the trailhead can be challenging to find, but once on the trail, it's an enjoyable experience.

Temple, Maine is one of the more interesting old towns that exists in Vacationland. It's located at the end of Route 43, lending to a myth that there is one way in and one way out. It's been a repeated setting for books over the years and it also famously had a street named Cowturd Lane, you can probably imagine why.

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