If you had hopes that the Gronk would be returning to Football, consider them crushed.

Gronkowski has said over and over that he is definitely NOT returning to the NFL.

According to yahoo.com, in a recent appearance for the premiere of Showtime’s “100 percent: Julian Edelman” he appears to have lost a significant amount of weight. His physical appearance is almost what some would call “lanky,” all muscle bulk seems to have vanished.

I wish I had the problem of “keeping my weight up.”  I could show him some tricks, like doughnuts and ice cream.

According to yahoo.com, retired NFL players often experience body changes as they ditch the hardcore workouts for some relaxing time.

Once they lose the good muscle mass, it’s very difficult to put it back on.

Fat is easy, take it from an expert.

Guess he is no longer following Tom Brady’s famous diet!

Good luck to the Gronk’s future undertakings.  I’m sure he will be a success at whatever he tries his hand at.


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