You've probably seen this amazing diving catch yesterday at Fenway Park on a number of highlight reels, but did you know it was made by St. Thomas Grad Ryan McKenna?

Skip to exactly the 7:00 minute mark on the video above and you will see rookie outfielder Ryan McKenna go horizontal and steal two sure runs off the bat of Raffy Devers.

It was NESN Red Sox play by play announcer (and famed resident of Rye) Dave O'Brien that clued me in.

'And the man who just made that amazing catch, played his high school ball up in New Hampshire at Dover's St. Thomas' - NESN's Dave O'Brien

I remember McKenna slashing a triple off Boston earlier this year for his first career hit and the Red Sox fan in me would not allow the Granite State pride to shine through.

Embarrassingly enough, I didn't realize that he was in the lineup yesterday until he made that mind-boggling grab off Devers.

McKenna was born in Oregon but spent his formative years here in The Garrision City, attending both Portsmouth Christian Academy for one year and then St. Thomas for the next three.

Sam Fuld, a native of Durham NH, is the current General Manager of The Philadelphia Phillies.

He was also an outfielder in MLB for about eight seasons. Similar to McKenna, he would seemingly KILL the Red Sox with clutch hits, home runs and heartbreaking catches.

My theory on this is that it must stem from visualization to a certain degree. I bet Ryan McKenna spent his entire youth enacting and re-enacting hundreds of great plays at Fenway Park, solely through his imagination.

Now the moments that he envisioned are ACTUALLY happening.

Isn't that cool?

It's too bad he's not doing it wearing red and white, but, there's still time. He is only 24 years old after all.

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