When we see a country artist or band from Northern New England, we can't help but root for their success in a big way! Please excuse the strange expression, but it feels like we have a horse in the race. There are so many talented artists from our neck of the woods, so it's only a matter of time before a band who hails from New Hampshire or Maine becomes mainstream. We can't wait to say "we knew them when".

Three brothers from Maine (plus their family friend, aka their drummer) make up 12/OC. 12/OC stands for 12 on center (not 12 Orange County, like I thought), and as you probably guessed, there is a fun story to go along with this name.

According to News Center Maine, brothers Jack, Will, and Reid grew up with a camp on Moosehead Lake. One year, they were helping build a bunkhouse. They made an "oopsie" when they framed the floor joists 24 inches on center, when it was supposed to be 16 inches on center (who knew?! Not them). The article went on to explain that this resulted in a floor that bounced like a trampoline. The brothers went under the bunkhouse to fix their mistake, this time overcompensating and adding new supports that were 12 inches on center. Their uncle commented that "that would be a great name for a business! 12 On Center or 12/OC!"  Will took this idea and ran with it, and that's when their band started to go by 12/OC.

These guys are starting to gain some serious traction. They have the look, sound, and work ethic to succeed in this crazy industry. Now they just need to get the timing right.

Back in February, 12/OC played for their biggest crowd yet when opening for Scotty McCreery on the Snow Stage at "Carnaval" in Portland, Maine.

And they aren't slowing down any time soon!  They have a really exciting gig at the end of the Summer for US, WOKQ!

Remember how we told you we are bringing Jimmie Allen to Cisco Brewers in Portsmouth on September 2nd? Guess who is opening for Jimmie? You guessed it! 12/OC!

Follow their journey at 12/OC on Facebook and Instagram!

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