According to the website, National Sunglasses day is recognized every year on June 27th. It's to bring awareness to the importance of UV eye protection.

National Sunglasses Day which was thought up by The Vision Council is to remind everyone that not only is wearing sunglasses fashionable and brings a bit of whimsy to your style, it's also very important to protect your peepers from the Sun's harmful UV rays.

Feel free to scroll through the photos and check out some of the styles that my co-workers are wearing.

Feel free to join in the fun of National Sunglasses Day by posting a selfie wearing your favorite shades and use the official campaign hashtags #NationalSunglassesDay and #SunglassSelfie.

Here's our News Director, Don Briand with his shades and convertible! #Stylin

Don Briand

Hilary, who just about does EVERYTHING around here. (PS. I'm jealous of her hair)


Veronica, our Promotions Director making us all envious as she takes in the gorgeous view of the Grand Canyon!


Our Brand Manager, Joe Limardi. Yes, you still need eye protection in the winter!


And, below are Naomi and Shawn from our Sales Team. Naomi is sporting a really fun pair of sunglasses while it looks like Shawn needs a cup of coffee (or two) before he's ready to take on the day! 


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