Most New Englanders will never forget the temporary shortages and safety protocols that were put in place at our grocery stores over the past year. This tear jerker of a 'Thank You' tweet does a great job highlighting what we've all been through.

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Thinking back to late March of 2020, I couldn't believe my eyes when I walked the aisles of the Somersworth Market Basket. There was not only no toilet paper, as they admirably display on this video, there was no pasta or rice.

The folks that I refer to as 'Artie's T's Army' were working as hard as ever to replace and replenish the empty shelves as an almost panicked crowd of shoppers did all they could to stay away from each other while loading their carts as if doomsday struck at midnight.

I must admit, the cheerful and emotional piano music as the video footage of the six foot floor markers, one way arrows and unmasked smiling workers made me tear up a bit.

I can't imagine working full shifts through those darkest times, day after day, week after week, looking at the worried eyes above face coverings behind a sheet of plexiglass.

And I wouldn't be me if I didn't have a slight bit of constructive criticism concerning the video.

Did you notice anything they left out?

Standing in line outside in six foot sections while you waited for someone to leave because of the capacity limits? All grocery stores in this area did a great job maintaining the proper count. But, WOW, what a pain that was!

Hopefully, we'll never see the likes of any of this again, but I'm appreciative of the creative effort in the production of this video and it really makes me feel grateful that these days are all behind us.

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