Water parks are obviously a heavily sought-after destination in the summertime, as not only is it a fun place to spend a day with the whole family, but on a scorching summer day, there may be no better place to cool off while having the time of your life. But what if in the dead of winter, you wanted to escape the snow and subzero temperatures to mentally travel ahead to summer and help will it to life?

That's entirely possible in North Conway at Kahuna Laguna.

USA Today 10Best Indoor Water Parks

Last week, USA Today released their "10Best" lists, which cover different categories and award the best spots in said categories according to its readers. Kahuna Laguna was once again nominated and cracked the Top 10 Best Indoor Water Parks in the USA, clenching the #9 spot.

Kahuna Laguna Rides and Attractions

In order to be named inside one of the Top 10 Indoor Water Parks IN THE COUNTRY, you better have some epic features and attractions, and Kahuna Laguna definitely DOES NOT disappoint. Let's not even bury the headline (even though this was mentioned in the headline, ironically) -- inside of Kahuna Laguna is a THREE-STORY TALL waterslide tower.

That means for three stories, you can feel like you're weightless and flying while you glide down the open-faced slide, feeling the breeze against your face all the way down. But Kahuna Laguna isn't a one-trick pony. Did you know you can also play basketball in the water inside the park?

The Kahuna Basketball Court will make you feel like you're playing for the gold medal for Team USA inside of a cavern, as multiple basketball hoops and water courts are set up inside of three feet of water surrounded by what looks like rocks found deep in a cavern or cave.

Couple those unique features with the usual go-to's like splash pads and geysers, a water playground of sorts with the Bamboo Bay Adventure Center, and the Wiki Wave Pool, and you have a winning combination to be named the NINTH BEST INDOOR WATER PARK IN THE COUNTRY.

Book your trip now, find out more info, and heck -- even work there, by heading over to the Kahuna Laguna website!

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