I love when the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page takes us on a stroll down memory lane. They shared that the Weirs Beach Neon sign has been standing proud since 1956. It really is a staple in the lakes region and is attached to so many fond memories.

Then they asked Granite Staters "What's your favorite neon sign?" and per usual, people delivered in the comments! It was so fun to watch people interact with each other and reminisce about these places. It sure beats arguing about politics!

Yoken's Restaurant

Yoken's Restaurant
Bob Deily via Facebook

Yoken's family restaurant and their famous sign went up in Portsmouth in 1947. They closed up shop in the early 2000s and It's unforgettable sign was resurrected in 2015. The plaza where the beloved seafood restaurant once lived is now referred to as "Yoken's Commons".

the Kowloon

This one is a STAPLE on the North Shore of Massachusetts. If you like your Mai Tais with a side of crab rangoons and Karaoke, you must check out the Kowloon which still stands proud in Saugus, MA.

Mammoth Mart

This one is a little before my time but if you grew up around Salisbury Massachusetts circa 1969, you know all about the "Mammoth Mahht" They had 18 locations in Massachusetts and 3 in New Hampshire.

Hilltop Steakhouse

Another Staple on Route 1 in Saugus, MA! It closed around 2017 and reopened as 110 Grill.

The Portsmouth Music Hall

This sign is iconic! It makes me miss seeing comedy and live music there. I hope life gets back to normal soon so we can enjoy the PMH and all of it's glory.

Bobby's Girl

Lisa on Facebook said, "Some of the best times were working there! We worked hard and had a lot of fun. Made a lot of friends there. We had cruise nights every Tuesday in the summer and a big blowout cruise event in the fall. Life seemed simpler when I was younger."

White Mountain National Forrest


Vinnie's Pizzaria

No, I did not make a spelling error. That is how Vinnie's in Concord chose to spell pizzeria and I respect their decision. John on Facebook likes the retro feel of the sign.

Did we miss any? What is your favorite neon sign?


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