We all know how country music has seen an explosion of success with exciting new superstars and career launching songs. Hit after hit, Music Row is enjoy tremendous successes. But a recent article wonders if country music is leaving something behind?

CMT posted an column wondering if country remains too much of the traditional boys club? Generally speaking, country appeals to slightly more women than men. But numbers don't lie, and on this week's chart Carrie UnderwoodRaelynnAshley Monroe and Lady Antebellum are the only acts with female vocalists in the top 20 songs.

For what it's worth, I don't think that there is any conscious effort to exclude female performers for the format. I agree with  the writer's opinion that country music as a business will always follow the money to anywhere a profit is to be made. Taylor Swift is exhibit A for me. Country music has developed a new generation of compelling, exciting, talented male acts for its audience to become passionate about. Sure, we can always use more female acts to balance things out if possible, but this is where the artistic considerations rule the business side of the country music industry.