It's making the rounds again. The startling claim is that intravenous drug users, after using a needle to inject themselves, will then stick the needle into a toilet paper roll to essentially clean off the blood and skin so they can use the needle again later.

The latest, with apparent photo proof, comes from the Hawaii Mom Blog with a warning that everyone should check the toilet paper rolls hanging in hotel bathrooms.

In her blog, she said she's been aware of this practice that's been described as an urban legend even though photos of what looks like tiny blood marks on toilet paper hanging in public restrooms have been floating around. Hawaii Mom Blog went on to say that since then she's always checked the toilet paper and this time around she, too, experienced a blood-stained toilet paper roll.

I was recently in Tulsa, and upon checking the toilet paper in both of our hotel room bathrooms, the below is what I found. Red marks on both toilet paper rolls that appear to be blood. Of course, I was disturbed and grossed out.  I immediately took the rolls off and replaced them with the unwrapped rolls (which I did check). I also notified the staff and took pictures, and they were very apologetic.  Although I can't say for sure what the marks are, I can only guess they are indeed blood stains from needles. Now I know - check the toilet paper even in hotel rooms!

While TikTok videos filled with warnings are out there, according to the Ladbible website, several health organizations agree this is extremely unlikely because the tip of the needle would most likely break off if you tried to stab into toilet paper.

No matter what you choose to believe, now you know the latest claim and you can do with it what you will.

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