Considering Maine is one of the country’s most rural states, it is sometimes surprising that we see as many celebrity visits as we do.

In recent years, Maine has been visited by Kenny Chesney, Oprah, Ben Stiller, Gordon Ramsey, and Lady Gaga.  Additionally, many celebrities have vacation homes in the state.  John Travolta, for example.

In most cases, these celebrities make the trip to Maine for some rest and relaxation.

However, sometimes, these celebrities visit Maine because they are on a mission.

According to a 1991 Washington Post article, movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger once visited an Augusta elementary school to promote physical fitness.

The visit came years before he was involved in politics, and over a decade before he became the governor of California.  It happened when he was known for being a bodybuilder and actor.  He had starred in a string of hit movies, and was a few months away from the release of Terminator 2, one of the biggest movies of the 1990s.

During his visit to Maine, he held a fitness rally at Augusta’s Gilbert School.  During the rally, he led the kids through a series of jumping jacks, knee-bends, and pushups.  Then he got down to business.  He suggested the kids tell their parents to get up off the couch to exercise with their parents.

He also told them:

And keep exercising. Stay away from alcohol, tobacco and definitely drugs. Okay?

Of course, they all replied, "Yes!"

Even though his visit was over three decades ago, we’re pretty sure that most of those kids (now adults) remember when Arnold visited their school.

If you follow Schwarzenegger, you know that he is a great motivational speaker.  Check out the video below:

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