June is a month of vibrant celebration. Why? Because it’s Pride Month, baby! Many of us are excited to take part in pride events all over the state of Maine. Celebrating joy and unity as people across Maine come together to honor each other. Pride Month is a time when we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community's diversity, resilience, and contributions, and with that comes a lot of fun events to attend! Many of them have a fee to get in and participate, but many are also free!

Out Maine has helped us by creating a list of so many amazing events here in Maine for pride, including the free ones.

Celebrating Pride in June means raising awareness about equality, diversity, and love. With so many events happening throughout the state, it can feel overwhelming to decide which ones to attend. But don't worry, I'm here to be your trusty guide and help you find the perfect event for you and your family!

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To make it even easier, I've highlighted some of the free events so you can leave your wallet at home and just enjoy the celebrations!

Celebrate Equality At These Free Pride Events in Maine

Here's a list of free pride parades and events happening this summer in Maine! 

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