Have you ever wondered if your last name is one of the top 10 most common in Maine?

Let's talk about it. Have you ever thought about the origins of your last name? Is it common or rare? Diving into your surname’s history can be a fun journey and reveal who you are and where you come from.

My last name is Snyder. It is extremely common in my place of birth, Pennsylvania. The origin is German, and it means 'tailor'. According to Ancestry, back in 1840, 923 families had the last name of Snyder. Now, it's probably hard to even count how many there are.

In Maine, some last names like Smith, Michaud, and Pelletier, are particularly common. The most common surname in the state is Smith, coming from the Anglo-Saxon period, according to Ancestry.

The list below highlights names that reflect Maine’s diverse heritage, with many French-Canadian names also making an appearance (like Michaud and Pelletier). It's really cool to see how your last name can reveal a lot about the state's history and population.

In Maine, over 17,000 people have the name Smith. That data was collected from September of 2022, as per forebears.com.

And of course, Maine has many French-Canadian last names like Michaud and Pelletier.

I wonder what will happen in 200 years, and if the names will still be as common as they are now.

Take a peak at the list below and let us know if your name appears! 

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