For the most part, we all know the most popular tourist attractions to visit here in Maine. From the beautiful mountain hikes to the gorgeous beaches and historic forts, Maine is filled with awe-inspiring places to visit.

But what if you're not from Maine? You'd want a guide, right? Well, here I am. Your trusty summer guide. And I am ready to show you the two Maine destinations named among the best places to visit in the United States, according to World Population Review. 

At the same time, do Mainers agree that these are the best places to go during a visit to Maine?

Let's check out the list.

According to World Population Review,  Maine's two top attractions sit within Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor. These destinations are at the easternmost national park, and located on an island.

Take a peak at how stunning Bar Harbor is. Cadillac Mountain is located here, and is a popular attraction. It's almost like no matter where you go when you arrive, you'll get 360 views of pure beauty.

Mick Haupt Unsplash
Mick Haupt Unsplash

Another great spot for nature lovers is Attean Pond, perfect for hiking, fishing, kayaking, or simply exploring. Attean is one of the most beautiful lakes in Maine.

Acadia and Cadillac are must-see spots in Maine, but I have a soft spot for hidden gems, especially within cities.

For example, the Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary in Lewiston offers a delightful hike and sanctuary for hundreds of birds right in the suburbs. I grew up right next to this beautiful nature preserve, and have been visiting for years.

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So, what do you think? Are Acadia and Cadillac truly the best places to visit in Maine? Let us know! 

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