To me, one simple act of kindness can go SO FAR for my mental health. It will change the entire mood of my day, usually when I need it the most.

I'm assuming I'm not the only one who feels like this, so I wanted to take the time to shout out a VERY kind girly I saw in TJMAXX last night.

(I bought this ^ cute little mushroom gnome for my deck)

We were waiting in the checkout line, where yes, I got distracted by the checkout line candles that they strategically place to get you to buy one last thing (IYKYK).

You were two spots ahead and I noticed you staring at me with a grin on your face.

I wasn't quite sure if it was because of the dog toy I was holding (a stuffed champagne bottle squeaker I was buying for my golden Maverick) or if you were about to say something mean to me—but then you surprised me in the BEST way.

As you walked up to the cashier, you turned back and said:

"I just wanted you to know how beautiful you are, keep smiling."

GIRLFRIEND. THIS is the kind of stuff we need more of.

Thank you for being so kind to me. Thank you for reminding me of the power of a simple compliment. Thank you for spreading positivity around you.

You did more for me that day than you know with your act of kindness, and I hope somehow this article lands in front of you so that you can understand how your sweet heart saved my night.

If you do find this article in your feed, girl, I want you to know I was having a terrible terrible day until I met you.

You embodied everything I stand for in women when I constantly try to remind the world on-air that we're better off sticking together instead of against each other. We can all win, and all it takes is one person to stand up for another.

Thank you for being a queen and lifting up another woman. You put a smile on my face as I drove home, and motivated me to continue to spread female empowerment on 'Krissy In The Morning.'

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