I remember having maybe two or three sets of twins in my entire middle school, but this is next level.

Picture this: Pollard Middle School in Needham, Massachusetts, is like any other school, except for one twist. According to News Center Maine, twenty-three sets of twins – in the eight grade class alone – just graduated middle school.

How in the world does that happen? If you break it down mathematically, that is nearly 10% of the students in the entire class. I remember being confused with regular siblings alone, who just happened to resemble one another.

The eight grade class at Pollard Middle School seemed to embrace the confusion by playing pranks (especially on April Fool's Day) by switching classes. The teachers and students had no idea.

According to 25 News Now, brothers Owen and Cal Hammerstrand actually had a class where they were surrounded by not one, not two, but six sets of twins. It probably wasn't a huge deal for the students, but sounds like an epic dose of confusion for the teacher.

I had to know if this was a record that could land the eighth graders in the Guinness Book of World Records. One would think, right? But the answer is no. According to Today.com, the sophomore class at New Trier High School, just outside of Chicago, had 44 sets of twins back in 2018.

So although Pollard Middle School may not be breaking any Guinness World Records just yet, they've definitely secured their spot in the Twin Hall of Fame.

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