Boston's waterfront isn't the one that we or our parents remember.  Not that long ago in the '60s and '70s, it was a vast, industrial-looking space with just a couple of restaurants that seemed a little out of place (Jimmy's and Anthony's Pier 4) .  The smoky bars seemed to fit in just fine, and they were filled with nefarious-looking people (not that I'm judging).

Today, Boston's Seaport is thriving.  My parents wouldn't recognize the place.  The hotels, condominiums, restaurants, and shopping spots were all built at what seemed like lightning-speed.

Now, Boston's waterfront has a new outdoor event space at 420 D Street called "The Lawn on D."

According to, The Lawn on D is a first-of-its-kind interactive outdoor space designed for private and public events.  The Lawn on D covers 2.7 acres and is designed to encourage community and participation.

The space has pickleball courts (of course – what is it with that craze anyway?), food and beverage vendors, lawn games, picnic tables, and these really cool swings that light up at night.

A few things to be aware of before you go, according to, 

  • The space is free as long as it's open.  There is an opportunity to rent the space for your private or corporate function, so some parts of the lawn may be reserved, but come on in whenever it's open.
  • You can't bring your pet.
  • You can't smoke on the lawn
  • The exact address is 420 D Street in Boston, Massachusetts
  • You can bring a beach blanket to lay down, or if there is live music at the space, you can bring one of those "just a little off the ground" lawn chairs.

If you can afford to live in one of those luxury condos at the Seaport, you would literally never have to leave if you worked from home, nor would you need a car.  There are restaurants everywhere, there's a Trader Joe's, and now, The Lawn on D sounds like a cool interactive space for you to hang out.

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