A great way to start off a new year, give blood and help save lives. January is "National Blood Donation" month.The American Red Cross needs local blood and platelet donors. There are many upcoming blood drives in our area. All you have to do is enter your zip code and find the closest location to your home or work. If you've never given blood/platelets before and have been thinking about doing so, now is the perfect time. Be a first-time donor!

Our friends at Dunkin Donuts are also giving blood donors a gift card for donating during January.

If you've donated in the past you know that...

  • It feels great to donate!
  • You get free juice and cookies.
  • It's something you can spare  most people have blood to spare... yet, there is still not enough to go around.
  • You will help ensure blood is on the shelf when needed  most people don't think they'll ever need blood, but many do.
  • You will be someone's hero  in fact, you could help save more than one life with just one donation.