The man responsible for blowing off 80 pounds of Tannerite at a quarry during a gender reveal has identified himself to police as reports of damage continue to come in to police.

The massive explosion felt for miles around originated at the Torromeo Industries quarry in Kingston around 7 p.m. Tuesday night, according to Kingston Police Chief Donald Briggs Jr. told NBC Boston. Over a pound of tannerite and blue chalk was found at the quarry to "announce" the arrival of a boy.

In a statement to NBC Boston Kingston police said the man has turned himself and is cooperating with police but no charges have been filed. Police did not identify the man or his role in the party.

Police told told the Union Leader the group holding the reveal thought the quarry was a safe spot to include explosives in their celebration. Police did not say if Torromeo Industries gave permission for the party to be held on their property.

Tannerite is a product sold as a kit made up of several oxidizers and aluminum powder that is mixed by the user. It was created by Daniel Tanner in 1996 when he was trying to come up with an exploding target, according to the company website.

According to the Tannerite website the company sells targets used by gun ranges.  One product is a  Gender Reveal Target kit called a Boom Box. Video of its use shows firing at a target which explodes in color when hit. The kits supplies a one pound target.

Reports about damage and after effects from the explosion continue to come in to police including a house with a cracked foundation. Maggie Jasmin told the Union Leader that her water turned brown much like it did briefly in 2020 during a nearby construction project.

Briggs did not immediately return a message from Seacoast Current on Sunday morning.

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