In addition to our usual contest rules, we have a few other items to ensure a fun and fair contest for all.

Got questions? Check out our FAQ's below!



1. Only ONE (1) WOKQ neon tee will be awarded per person for the duration of the contest.

2. Participants claiming a WOKQ neon tee must be present at the neon tee stop to receive their shirt.

3. This is a 'while supplies last' contest, with a limited amount of shirts and specific sizes. If we run out of shirts, or your preferred size, you can catch us at the next neon tee stop and try again.



1. If I'm wearing a WOKQ neon tee at a country show, but my friend isn' we still have a chance of being tapped?
Yes. The prize will be awarded to a person in a neon tee, it's up to them to bring someone along, so be extra nice to those friends with neon tees! Sometimes prizes will be given out as pairs, but sometimes they'll have an odd number too. 

2. What kinds of prizes will WOKQ be giving people wearing neon tees?
Anything from backstage passes, to seat upgrades and tickets to the next big show- plus prizes we don't even know about yet!

3. Will I know where you're going to be tapping people in neon tees?
Not always! Expect us to be at big country shows at venues including Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion, Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Blue Ocean Music Hall, SNHU Arena and WOKQ events. We could be anywhere, anytime... This contest opportunity is at random, so if we aren't where you are, don't be upset- we'll catch you at the next one :) 

4. But, really will I EVER get a heads up for where WOKQ will be looking for people in neon tees?
Yes, of course! We wouldn't do that to you! And if we decide to randomly tap people outside of a major country show or event, we'll make sure to send out an app notification. Make sure you have the WOKQ app on your phone with alerts turned on to be sure you're in the loop to win BIG!