Last week, Christine Hill's plan was just to pop into the Hannaford on North Main Street in Rochester real quick, pick up her daughter's birthday cake, and go about her merry way.

But plans changed pretty quickly for Christine when she showed up and was unable to pay for the cake -- because the tab had already been picked up. In fact, any cakes that were scheduled to be paid for and picked up that same day had been previously paid for with the below note attached.

Christine Hill
Christine Hill

Today is my son's 33rd birthday, his 10th in Heaven. In memory of him, I paid for your cake. Please enjoy, make wonderful memories, and hug your baby tight, no matter how old!! Love, Ryan's Mom

You don't even need to be a parent to feel the lump in your throat forming and feeling as though it's about to burst out of your neck after reading that. Christine posted her experience in the You KNOW you're from Rochester, NH if you... Facebook group, leaving not a dry eye (and keyboard) in sight.

In her post, Christine actually posted a response to Ryan's Mom's message that was left on her (and every other paid-for) cake.

I want to thank you Ryan's Mom, for making me take a moment to mourn your loss of your son and to stop me in my tracks and appreciate your own children and life all around you. Thank you for making my daughter's 8th birthday so special!!! It didn't go unnoticed.

No, Christine, it definitely didn't go unnoticed, as the 450+ comments and 510+ shares of your post would indicate. An amazing reminder that there are both still amazing people in the world, and also people who are going through things we could never know about or fathom, so to maybe pause for a second and think about a snarky snap response to someone.

And speaking of responses -- to Ryan's Mom, whoever and wherever you are, if you're reading this, please go to Christine's post to see the comments on it, because they're pretty much all complimentary toward you. I can't imagine (and hope I never have to find out) what it's like to lose a child, but I CAN imagine that the pain never stops, and that those 450+ comments could be a massive hug that your soul could be in need of right now.

Thank you, Ryan's Mom, for helping to remind us what's important. And thank you, too, Christine, for sharing this amazing experience.

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