The Pink Cadillac Diner in Rochester, the 50's style diner with a portion of a pink Cadillac jetting out of the side of the building has closed their doors and customers are in a state of shock!

The closing of the diner that is located at 17 Farmington Road was announced on the diner's Facebook Page. The post reads in part...|

'It is with a heavy heart that we must confirm the closing of the Pink Cadillac Diner.
To our dedicated and exceptional staff that stood by us every day, we cant express enough sorrow or gratitude for every day, every ounce you had, every laugh and every milestone we got to be apart of.'

'To our customers, past, present, near & far, we cannot thank you enough for allowing us the opportunity to serve you over the last 17 years. You have all become friends and family; you have been there for us and we have had the ultimate privilege of being there for you.'

The Pink Cadillac Diner, which was a family-run business opened in December, 2001. They were known for serving breakfast all day long and had lunch and dinner menus as well.

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