Black Socks Are Awful!
A couple of weeks ago the Morning Waking Crew was talking about your sports superstitions. I thought I would share mine now because it is not football related. I bet you will never guess what sport my superstition revolves around. It's bowling! Tonight is my league night and I guarantee you wil…
The Big Lebowski Or Kingpin?
So it is no secret that I am a bowling geek. Just like Roy Sullivan is a hockey geek. Tonight, my league resumes action after a two week break for the holidays. And I got to thinking about the debate that will never end between bowlers. Which is the better bowling movie The Big Lebowski or King…
Pro-Am Was A Success
So in my last post I talked about how I was bowling in a pro-am this weekend. Well the weekend has come and gone. Pro-am was a success!
Bowling With The Pro’s
If you check out my bio at you know that I'm a bowler. I bowl on a league Tuesday nights. Once a year Strikers East Bowling Center in Raymond holds a bowling pro-am.