New Year to Bring MORE New Snow to NH
Winter 2017-18 hasn't eased it's way in. Well, rest your back this weekend. We're already talking about more snow.
According to, the long range outlook for the seacoast calls for high temps to stay below 20 degrees until, yep, you guessed it, another snowstorm...
New Hampshire Receives Coldest Weather Of The Season
On top of two snow/ice systems, it's turned cold worthy of a February freeze, and it's sticking around this weekend.
That's right, BITTER COLD. According to WMUR, The warmest low temperature was recorded in Newington. They checked in with a still frigid + 13, while other places ch…
New Hampshire Isn't The only Place Getting Cold This Weekend
Looks like everyone's feeling the chill this weekend. Yes, even in Florida. However, their version is quite a bit different than our bulletin.
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Isn't that cute? Temps might fall to the 50's.
Actually, when I lived in South Florida, it DID get down t…