Signs Summer is Over and Fall is Here
Whether it's your favorite ice cream spot closing down for the season or the McDonald's on Hampton Beach being boarded up for winter, there are signs everywhere that summer is over and it's time for sweaters, boots and everything pumpkin!
Corn Mazes in NH
One of the best things about the fall/autumn months for kids and adults alike, is the fun of walking through or getting lost in a corn maze.
Pumpkin Peeps!
You know summer is winding down when all things pumpkin spice make their way into the stores. Now comes word that Peeps are getting in on the P-Spice game. Yeah, I just called it p-spice.
Everything Good About Robots, Dogs and Pop Tarts in One Video
You know how sometimes a video just cracks you up, but if you try to explain it to someone they think you're absolutely off your nut? This video has a dog, a robot and a raspberry Pop-Tart and... well you get the idea. You have to see it. Just don't try to explain to your co-workers why yo…
Recipes for Fall in New England
When New Englanders say fall is their favorite season, it's a safe bet they aren't referring to November. That's why we seek out these five hearty foods to survive the less celebrated side of the season!