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National Jerky Day: Here's Where To Find The Best In NH
Today is National Jerky Day! The North American Meat Institute, otherwise known as NAMI, has proclaimed this day! According to the National Day Calender, today is a day to enjoy the "rich history, immense popularity, and nutritional benefits of dried meat snacks."
Gluten-Free Recall
Honey Nut Cheerios and classic Cheerios are being recalled by General Mills. The company says the cereal is labeled 'gluten-free' but may actually contain wheat.
How to Become Gluten Intolerant [VIDEO]
I have no issue with people choosing to eat or not eat whatever they want. You're Paleo? Fantastic. You only eat eggs sourced from free range, organic, Montessori educated chickens? That's cool. Just don't bombard me with pseudo-science while I enjoy my beer and grilled cheese, thank …