Epping Teen Arrested For Allegedly Making School Threats
For the second time since the Parkland, Florida shooting last week, a New Hampshire teen has been arrested for making threats at a School.
According to Seacoast Online, a threat was made at Epping High School by a juvenile. Throughout the investigation, police worked closely with the faculty, the Epp…
Nat'l Fluffernutter Day
A classic sandwich that truly deserves to have day set aside to recognize the genius of smothering one slice of bread with Marshmallow Fluff and the other with peanut butter.
200 Bikers Have This Kid's Back
We hear a lot about bullying these days. Workplace intimidation, body shaming, online bullying. Those all seem to be more "grown-up" versions of just plain old-fashioned this kid suffered.
Dover’s Top Educator Honored [NEWS]
(Dover,N.H.) - The 2014 Educator of the Year Award was presented to Dover Middle School's Fran Meffen today at a ceremony held at the school. Meffen is the 6th grade  guidance counselor at the school. She won the award and a $ 1,000 dollar prize from The Greater Dover Chamber of Commerce..…