Debris Plunges Through Newmarket Woman's Car On 95
It's one of a driver's worst nightmares. You're driving down the road, and suddenly something comes crashing through the vehicle. This happened to a Newmarket woman.
NH woman says debris shattered sunroof as she drove across Mass. bridge h...
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Driver Crashes Through Gate On Maine Bridge
You may have been in this situation. The bridge is about to go up, but you MUST get to your appointment on time. It's a game of seconds...but is it worth going real life General Lee style? This driver found out.
The Maine DOT's Facebook page caught a driver who played chic…
Piscataqua River Bridge To Expand
Sometimes, six lanes just isn't enough. Take most of the summer tourist season for example. Peak traffic time jams up the main link between Maine and New Hampshire, but that's about to change.
Piscataqua River Bridge's breakdown lanes will convert to travel lanes during peak traffic ti…
Sarah Long Bridge Delayed Again
The new Sarah Long Bridge, scheduled tom open this month, has been moved once again. December 1st is the new target date. Paving and curbing must be completed for the border bridge to open to the public. This is not the first delay. Ori...
MWC Daily: Goodbye and Farewell
This morning, we said our goodbyes to Rich Kirkland, our long time traffic reporter and more importantly, long time friend. After 35 years in the business, Rich is retiring and he and his wife and packing their bags and heading west.
Worst Speed Traps in NH
As a lifelong resident, I'm anything but surprised that New Hampshire ranks second nationwide for having the most speed traps.
Worst NH Intersections
We asked our listeners what intersection gives them the biggest headache on their commute, and they provided some shining examples.

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