We get it. You have a face. Good for you.

I don't know why the so-called "Donut Selfie" put me into Grandpa Rob mode, but just seeing the next generation of self-obsession puts a thorn in my side. New technology and software is being pumped out just so we can have new methods of staring at our own dumb faces.

There is a real world out there people. A wonderful, beautiful place filled with amazing people and awe-inspiring locations. Not only that, we have a whole group of creative people who create worlds in movies, games and books that are just begging to be explored.

So why spend hours looking at your own face, or the faces of the thousands of other empty souls looking for attention?

The occasional selfie is all well and good, especially when a new outfit is a 10/10. I'd say once or twice a year is plenty of narcissistic photographic material to last a while. Don't be like these kids who have daily waves of self-photography that cry for stranger's eyeballs.

The "Selfie Generation" is creating a population of people obsessed with the superficial representation of themselves and not with the person they actually are. Get the camera out of your face and go do something worthy of taking a photo. You might learn something about yourself that no filter could enhance.

Pretty soon we will all be more entertained by looking in a mirror than actually watching something actually entertaining.

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