Al Briere lost his son Joey in a car accident five years ago

Patrick Tewey

Al Briere has reached out to Kenny Chesney in hopes that he might be able to perform a song that he may not normally play while in concert at Gillette this Saturday night.

As WFXT reports, The Briere family of Woburn, MA family lost their son Joey in an auto accident five years ago.  Every year they hold a golf tournament in his memory which raises thousands of dollars for local charities.  They use Kenny's song "Happy on the Hey Now" as a part of the celebration in the tournament.

Since the accident, Al Briere says that the song "Who You'd be Today" also now holds a special place in his heart.  He's taken to Facebook to ask that Kenny perform one of the two songs this weekend.

Briere wrote......

My wife and I will be attending your concert in Foxboro on Saturday, August 27th. We will be sitting close by in section 123, Row 14... With six of our friends. We love all of your music, but there is one other song that has touched me deeply since losing Joey, and that is " Who you'd be today". To hear either one of these songs live at your concert would be pretty cool, and definitely emotional ....

Here's the full Facebook post.......