Those are your watch words for this Saturday night!

I hope you'll join our Program Director Mark Jennings for the big show this Saturday night at the Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester. Craig Morgan will be on stage with Uncle Kracker and Jana Kramer.  Following the show, there's an after party just across the street at Club Manch Vegas.  Jana will be signing autographs and taking photos with fans.  Jana was on the bill at Meadowbrook this year opening for Darius Rucker.  Usually the backstage cross-over between radio folks and the stars is brief or non-existent.  As glamorous as people may think the whole stage thing is, it's usually somewhat rushed, there's a precise timetable and usually there's a guy wearing a headset (at Meadowbrook it's Gary) hustling you into position. But as we introduced Jana, she took the time backstage to introduce herself to Karen and me, and she was quite pleasant to chat with.  Also doesn't hurt that she fills out the cat-suit quite nicely in those Nationwide Insurance commercials! Yes, that's her following the bad guys around the house, and singing the Nationwide jingle at the end of the spot. Club Manch Vegas is pretty new and a really great space downtown.  It's an old warehouse, so there's some really nice brickwork, a big open dance floor and a full-fledged mechanical bull set up!  Even if you can't make the after-party with Jana, you should definitely check this place out!