If you think you're the next American Idol, you better get yourself to Portland, Maine Wednesday.The American Idol audition bus will be rolling into Maine and giving people their shot at stardom.  Just look at New Hampshire's Alex Preston.  He came in 3rd place and his life has totally changed.  You could be next.

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Here's our interview with American Idol Supervising Producer, Rob McLeod.  He tells you everything you need to know about the try-outs on Wednesday.

Fan Fest At New Hampshire Motor Speedway

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If you haven't been to WOKQ's Free FAN FEST at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, you should plan on attending Thursday night.  Did I mention, it's free?  There's so much to do and see and our very own Mark Ericson will be hosting the event.


Sunny with the chance of an afternoon thunderstorm and a high of 87.  Partly sunny in the North Country, maybe a thunderstorm and a high of 77.

Top News Stories

Some Boko Haram Captives Escape 
Officials in Nigeria say dozens of the women and girls who were abducted by Islamic extremists two weeks ago have escaped. Small-scale kidnappings by Boko Haram extremists have been going on for months since the April 15 abduction of more than 200 schoolgirls in Borno state. Many of those girls are still missing.

Drowning Victim Identified
State police have identified a 56-year-old man who drowned in a lake in Raymond over the weekend. Authorities say M. Lee Ribblett of Raymond was swimming and attempting to retrieve his canoe, which had been blown from the shoreline of Governors Lake, on Saturday.

Makeshift Bomb Explodes In Mexico Church Mailbox
Police in Mexico, Maine are investigating after someone set off a homemade bomb inside a church mailbox. Lt. Dan Carrier says the bomb actually went off Friday night, but because that was July Fourth, neighbors who heard the explosion at the First Baptist Church thought it was fireworks and didn't report it.

Stupid News

An unhappy pilot got back at his first officer the way way mature adults do - by locking him out of the cabin in mid-flight.  The Air New Zealand captain on a flight from Perth to Auckland apparently held a grudge after the first officer took awhile performing a random drug and alcohol test.

Joke du Jour

Don and his wife were enjoying a dinner party at the home of a friend.  Near the end of the meal, Don's wife grabbed his arm and said, "Don, that's your fourth dessert.  The hostess must think you're a pig.  Don replied..."I doubt that, I've been telling her, the desserts are for you."

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