If you're a kid in school, a storm day is cause for celebration. A day off, and in this case an extra 4 days to tack onto holiday vacation. If you work in radio, it's an emergency phone call in the middle of the night. You get on unplowed roads and get to work before schools start calling at 5am. Only this morning my phone missed the 9 calls Mark Ericson made to me starting at 3:39am. My phone did something called a Jelly Bean update and was working kind of freaky deaky.  I'm sure panic ensued in the Morning Waking Crew offices for a short time. Luckily, when I called in things had calmed down and I wasn't the recipient of a "good natured" venting. I'll be sure the ringer is up loud tonight before I head to bed. Enjoy the snow, be safe and keep listening for bulletins at once from The WOKQ Stormwatch Information Center.