My family had a mini family reunion late last week and I traded the 603 for the 207. If you've never been to Boothbay Harbor Maine, its a classic bit of New England real estate that you should experience at least once. Its only a couple of hours away from the seacoast of New Hampshire, depending on the traffic. But once you're there, its a world away from the regular 9-5 we're all used to. There seems to be a hotel and restaurant in every driveway. You can feast on lobster rolls of all shapes and sizes. One of my favorite places was The Chowder House. They have an outside bar which is the top half of a sailboat hull. I'm thinking that we need to get them into the WOKQ Chowderfest next year. They'd be a tough opponent. They serve a pretty mean bowl of chowder for just 8 bucks.

Credit Mark Jennings