A large snakeskin was found in the same area that a giant snake, lovingly named Wessie, was found that turned into a viral sensation.

Facebook - Westbrook Police Department

A giant snake shook up Maine in June and it looks like his skin is causing a stir with Mainers yet again.

Westbrook Police posted a Facebook picture on Saturday of a giant snakeskin found by a citizen along the Presumpscot River near the carry-in boat launch in the area of Riverbank Park.

The estimated 10-foot snake, which was given the name "Wessie" by locals, was spotted eating a mammal in that area in June. The reptile soon become the subject of various jokes and memes on the web as residents kept a lookout for the elusive giant.

It even spawned a Twitter parody account named Wessie P. Thon that takes on the snake's persona and taunts Westbrook Police.

Police took the snakeskin to determine what type of snake it belonged to. Experts believe the snake might be a Burmese python, which is not native to Maine. Wessie may be a pet snake that was released in the wild by its owner.

Some are saying that the skin might be fake, which would be a rabbit hole of a conspiracy in the sleepy state of Maine.

Here is the full photo in all its creepy, snakey glory:

Facebook - Westbrook Police Department