How much does the janitor know about you?

I never really thought about it a lot.  I wasn't on the air Wednesday morning.  Not a big deal, just some crazy schedule stuff.  We're moving a few offices around here at Studio Big and I was... Supervising.  You know, standing around and pointing while the moving guys did all the work.  BTW... Thanks Calling All Cargo! So this morning when I got in, our custodian Rusty was still here.  First thing he asked was if everything was OK because he knew I didn't work a regular day on Wednesday.  I naturally assume it's because he didn't hear me on the radio.  I simply assume EVERYONE listens.  Nope... He was making the call based on the smaller-than-usual amount of trash in my office trash can! Next time you hear a story about the government spying on you... Think about what your workplace janitor knows about you!