The Big Breakfast Guac Off
In honor of National Guacamole Day, Kira and Bill had their co-workers do a blind taste test to see who's guacamole reigns supreme.
Who Has the Best BBQ in New Hampshire?
We'll grant that New Hampshire, and New England as a whole, isn't noted for its barbecue options. Still, this place has ribs that taste as good as any you'll find in Texas.
You’re Doing It Wrong: Learn How To Better Chop Wood [VIDEO]
In this installment of You're Doing It Wrong, we learn of a better way to chop wood.
Titled Chopping Wood with Brad: The Tire Method, this video has the potential to save you a whole lot of time and a whole lot of headaches. By utilizing a tire as a brace of sorts, you can get that wood chopped …