Some people were enjoying the opportunity to work from home once or twice a week prior to the pandemic. It was almost like "Dress-down Friday", but even better. Then that opportunity became the norm for many in 2020, and has remained in place for a lot of employees.

When I think of the best places to work from home, I think of ones with minimal noise, being close to the kids' school/day care, close to the supermarket, and not a lot of traffic. Then I think of all of the people that moved to Maine over the last few years in order to enjoy a more simple life...and work from home.


Looking at the factors I just listed above, doesn't Maine seem right on point for all of those things? Well according to a recent study by WalletHub, Maine ranks among the top 10 worst states to work from home. Now, we want to know where they're getting this data from, right?

Well, financials didn't immediately pop into the forefront of my mind, and now it makes more sense. WalletHub came up with this data using details such as comfort, safety, and...cost. There's the missing link! Overall, Maine ranks #43 in Best States to Work From Home, and a good chunk of the results are based on high electricity costs (47th), internet costs (47th), and average home square footage (44th).

Here is the state-by-state breakdown:

Source: WalletHub

In closing, although Maine allows for the simpler life in the realm of minimal noise, close proximity to schools and stores, no major city traffic, and generally being pretty safe, it is also one of the more expensive states to work from home in.

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