Or perhaps more appropriately, 'on the moon'?  Ever wonder why 'Google Earth' has the 'Earth' in it? Turns out, you can Google places that aren't Earth. NASA has a bunch of moon pics that they allow the public to see for free and the good folks at Google have used them to create 'Google Moon'.

Last month, somebody spotted something odd on one of the still photos and took it to the internet. Because if you have a question, the internet has about a billion answers. How many of those answers are correct is a debate for another day. Anyway, once this still photo came to light, an enterprising YouTuber named 'Wowforreel' used the info at the bottom of the photo to find the location on Google Moon.

Sure enough, there's something there. Is it some creature boldly going where only 12 guys have gone before? Technical glitch? Camera lens schmutz?

You decide...