Thanks to "2K" Karen Kiley for sending me this out of the Morning Waking Crew archives. Could it already be two or three years since Kip Moore played our "Countryfest" concert for the Prescott Park Arts Festival in Portsmouth? Kip was a brand new act on MCA Records then and was building a name for himself outside of Nashville. Kip graciously agreed to perform as a benefit for the Prescott Park Arts Festival. Those who were there saw Kip sing two future hits of his, "Hey Pretty Girl" and "Something 'Bout A Truck", right there on the PPAF stage.The funniest part of the show was a woman who kept writing him notes on a wipe off board, even telling him her phone number! You never know how big a star these singers will become when you first meet therm. So you don't want to miss any of our WOKQ events!