Today, the Morning Waking Crew was asking about what you missed most about Market Basket. In the mean time, I took the Morning Waking Cruiser and went to three different Market Baskets to see what the scene was like and to see how many customers there were. This is what I found:


My first stop was the Market Basket in Portsmouth. Their were three customers in this store.

The bread isle is almost completely empty.
limited cereal selection
Portsmouth showing its support for Artie T on the front of the store.


After Portsmouth, my next stop was the Market Basket in Somersworth. This store had two customers in it.

The juice isle is almost wiped out.
Receipts from other grocery stores posted on the door.
A few employees with signs out side the store in support of Artie T.


My last stop was the Market Basket in Lee. Two customers were in the store this morning.

Can't find any produce.
Lots of empty shelves in the bread isle.
Lots of support for Artie T by the employees.

All of these stores had little product and a small number of customers, but they also had lots of support for Artie T.