In addition, a large amount of seaweed washed ashore in one York County town.

Vacationers arrived to a different sight on Saco's Bayview Beach Monday. The beach, next to Ferry State Park say three seals wash ashore between Sunday night and Monday, according to the Journal Tribune. They reported more were discovered on Kinney Shores, for a total of 11. All had perished, according to the report. Saco Parks and Recreation Department Director Ryan Sommer said ten of the seals found were pups, and only one was considered an adult seal.

Sommer told the Journal Tribune he wasn't exactly sure why the seals washed ashore, or even what might have caused their deaths. Also, it appeared they had been dead for a while, so he didn’t think they could determine the reason for the deaths and didn’t take any seals back to their office for testing, according to the Journal Tribune.

Also washing ashore around the same time was a extraordinary amount of seaweed. Sommer told the Journal Tribune he's not sure why this happened, as there weren't any major storms in the area.

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