While attending gym class, the student gave his teacher a hug, and was given a record of 'physical assault.'

According to CBS 13, a student at Forest Grove Middle School was fooling around with his friends in class when his teacher told him to sit out. The 12-year-old didn't not want to be held from the game, so he went up to his teacher, and reportedly gave a hug.

All seemed to be fine, and after sitting out for five minutes, the teacher allowed him to play, the news station reported.

Things later took a turn. According to NBC 10 Boston, the 12-year-old boy was initially suspended from school for 10 days, and given a record of physical assault of a teacher.

Julie Orozco, the boy's foster mother says there is nothing in the school handbook about hugs, according to the news station. Later, the punishment was reduced to disruption of school, and the suspension went down to four days after several meetings.

The foster mother said to the news station: “If you can admit to me that you didn’t have a mechanism or a process, or any way of informing students what your expectations were, but then in the same breath you say to me, 'He’s 12. He should know hugs are not OK.' It’s confounding."

According to CBS 13, the school had no comment.

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