I need to find a spot with very little light pollution to view the full blue moon this Saturday.  There have been many disappointments in 2020 and the fact that Halloween falls on a Saturday during a full moon is just one of them.  Can you imagine how crazy the Annual Portsmouth Halloween Parade would be this year with nice weather and a full moon? I may not get to eat tons of Halloween candy this year, but at least I can see the moon event of the year.

According to USAtoday.com, the full moon this Halloween night will be seen all over the United States.  This is the first time since 1944 according to USAtoday.com who uses information from the Farmers’ Almanac for that statistic.  I checked with WMUR.com for the weekend weather forecast and it looks like the skies will be clear. I got really excited about this blue moon till I found out it's only called a blue moon because it is the second full moon of the month, which is uncommon.

According to USAtoday.com’s reporting, the moon will not appear blue.  I suppose I will have to take a picture of the full moon and then use photoshop to make it look blue.  Just like the rest of 2020, a disappointing discovery for me.  This Halloween while my wife dresses up in her Harry Potter robes, I suppose I will have to put on a werewolf mask.  If I don’t get some pumpkin pie I may turn into a werewolf.  If the blue moon won’t really be blue, then I should be compensated with pumpkin pie.






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