The New York Post is reporting a story about a message in a bottle that someone in Maine tossed into the sea 21 years ago was recently found all the way over in Scotland 3,000 miles away!

According to the article, a then 13-year-old Matt Rhoades was vacationing with his family in Wells when he decided to write the message, stick it in a bottle and threw it in the Atlantic ocean.

The message was short and simple. It read, “Hello, my name is Matt Rhoades. Please write back,” and it included his address in New Hampshire, where he was living at the time, the article reports.

Twenty-one years later, Matt received word on twitter that Scotland native Mike Bolam had found the letter during a family trip to the Scottish island of North Uist.

According to the article, Matt believed Bolam’s message “was spam,” at first. But when he saw the picture of the letter he remembered doing it back in 1998, and now regrets not writing more in the note.

Now, Matt wants to fly to Scotland to meet the folks who found the message.

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